About Us


• The college strongly believes in the empowerment of women through education. 
• The courses are need based which help in preparing women for self employment as well as for various government and non-government jobs.
• Providing a range of activities to inculcate social, moral and ethical values. 
• Preparing the students to adapt to the needs of society so that they can contribute to the National progress.
• Preparing students as excellent human resources by grooming and cultivating their overall personality. 
• Utilizing college resources efficiently for the best functioning of the institution.

• To be the flag bearer of women empowerment  through higher    education   that combines emerging global trends with value-based    nurturing of enlightened young women.
• Becoming aware of the future trends and molding one’s personality         accordingly through innovation and insight.
• Setting new standards through planning and effort.

• To provide quality education to women thus blending modernity and            tradition. 
• To provide a well balanced futuristic teaching learning environment.
• To empower women so that they can fulfill the role of nation builders.
• To promote and revive Indian tradition through various learned                    discourses.