The Academic Advising Center helps you design an academic path that maximizes your potential.

Academics Disciplines

The College endeavours to create a dynamic environment that facilitates interaction and dialogue.To augment the learning resources,promote interdisciplinary research, and generate a spirit of competition,The College has consolidated all Academic Departments into various Sub- Departments.Each Department strives for excellence in its specific area of academic pursuit. Core Competency Areas are identified for each department which, in turn, benchmarks itself against an institution of repute. This is done with an aim to develop it as a Centre of Excellence in the chosen field.


The curriculum of the college promises imbibing in students the core knowledge of the course with sufficient practical aspect attached to it.The core curriculum emphasize on applied learning and encompasses the basic concept of experiential learning.The core modules are structured to give an impressive and broad grasp of the essentials that a successful professional must have. These modules balance hard, statistical abilities with the softer but no less important abilities of inspiring and managing people.  The taught curricula also take learning beyond the classroom, making case analysis and class discussions more than academic exercises.

Teaching Practices

The teaching methods adopted by the College are very innovative and dynamic and include maximum practical exposure to motivate the students.

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is a core component to intellectual life at our College. By giving students hands-on learning opportunities,it adds to the dynamic educational experience.